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The 4th Annual Aftermarket Intelligence Issue features the latest Canadian automotive service market data from J.D. Power and Trends to Watch for aftermarket businesses at all levels. Plus, special this year, is Special Feature “A Positive Force for Engine Builders: The E.R.I. Group Turns 40” that we are proud to present.

In addition, there’s news and information for all aftermarket readers.

This print edition is on its way to readers across Canada, but you can check out the DIGITAL FLIPBOOK HERE

Inside you’ll find:

4         COMMENT
A Playbook For Your Business

6         NEWS
Nearly 80% Of Canadians Say Winter Tires Kept Them Safe

12       A Positive Force for Canada’s Engine Builders Turns 40
14       E.R.I. Group Member: Marc Arsenault, Arsenault Cylinder Heads
15       E.R.I. Group Member: Doug Lipps, Competition Automotive

18       J.D. Power: Behind the Numbers, with J.D. Ney


22       Average Bill Summary/Visited Facility

            Trend to Watch: Bouncing Back to Normalcy

24       Lube, Oil And Filter Change

            Trend to Watch: Reduced km driven versus oil monitoring

25       Brakes

            Trend to Watch: The impact of disuse

26       Engine/Fuel

            Trend to Watch: Gasoline Direct Injection

28       Battery Replacement

            Trend to Watch: Two battery markets, two trends

29       Alignment

            Trend to Watch: Advanced Driver Assist Systems

30       Electrical

31       Transmission

            Trend to Watch: EV transmissions

32       Audio/Entertainment

33       HVAC

            Trend to Watch: R-1234yf transition plus increasing complexity

34       Tire Replacement/Repair

            Trend to Watch: Winter tire usage

35       Tire Maintenance

36       Collision repair

37       Recall

38       Other Maintenance/Repair

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