Carrus integrates ISN Canada Group products

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Carrus has entered into an exclusive agreement with ISN Canada Group to integrate its over 200,000 products into its catalogue and software.

This exclusive agreement with ISN Canada Group, a subsidiary of Integrated Supply Network Inc. (ISN), North America’s largest independent wholesaler of automotive aftermarket tools and equipment, will not only offer a complete end-to-end integrated solution, but significantly increase the inventory available on Carrus’ catalogue solution

mdf commerce, a leader in SaaS commerce technology solutions and parent company of Carrus, made the announcement.

Through this agreement, Carrus customers will have direct access to ISN’s 200,000+ products on the e-catalog, making it easier to search and order B2B and B2C products on Carrus’ commerce platform for stores.

This agreement will allow Carrus customers to access, via the catalogue and its software, real-time price lists, promotions, and inventory quantities from all ISN warehouses in Canada, and eventually all major warehouses in North America.

This will facilitate the sale of ISN products and enable users to place EDI orders through the Canadian warehouses, as well as receive invoices and packing slips via an integrated process.

“This agreement with Carrus was a natural step to ensure greater accessibility to all our products and to providing an exclusive and unique customer experience,” said Miguel Angers, President, ISN Canada.

“Carrus offers state-of-the-art solutions in the automotive aftermarket that are widely recognized by most of our customers: integrating our products into the Carrus catalog and software will certainly make them more accessible and ensure greater efficiency for stores and automotive service providers. This is part of our transformation of establishing partnerships with our customers providing them added value solutions.”

“We are very pleased to have concluded this strategic agreement with ISN,” said Mario Comtois, General Manager of Carrus.

“This agreement underscores the rapid adoption and ease of use of our electronic catalogue, which was developed in collaboration with our colleagues of the mdf commerce enterprise ecommerce platform. The integration of ISN’s products to our catalogue and software is great news for our customers, as we are integrating a large inventory that is accessible throughout North America.”


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