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Check out the in-class and virtual traning courses!


The Carquest Technical Institute offers world-class technical training for automotive service professionals, as well as business management education for shop owners, technicians, service advisors, service managers, and automotive aftermarket fleets and franchises.

Offered as a combination of in-class and virtual training sessions, the Carquest Technical Institute provides the training you want in a format that works for you.

Below is a review of the extensive courses being offered.

2 Nights (In Class and Virtual)

This class will explore operation, diagnosis and repair of hybrid components. Topics will include cabling, inverters, motor/generators, and converters. Emphasis will be placed on effective use of scan tool data and selection of tools used for component level testing. Student understanding will be tested through the use of problem-solving exercises and other measurement tools.

1 Night (In Class)

This class covers modern vehicle network operation and how to efficiently diagnose them using common tooling. The overwhelming majority of network related issues do not require decoding of individual packets of data. It is important to understand how a network exchanges information, but a deep dive into the bits and bytes of each network is not needed to repair the vehicle. Knowledge of the network type, the expected voltage levels, and the layout of the network wiring to the modules can provide us with enough information to gain diagnostic direction. At that point, we can use our available tooling to determine the root cause of the problem. Topics will include, understanding common automotive networks and where to get help if we don’t understand them and developing a logical diagnostic approach using service information and our own tooling.

1 Night (Virtual)

It is hard to find good employees. Sometimes it is hard to just find employees at all, let alone good ones. What do you do when you feel stuck with certain employees? Maybe you are afraid to let someone go because what you have is better than having nothing. Maybe you have to employ a family member but they just aren’t as productive as you need them to be. It could be that you have someone who is great at one part of their job, but they can’t seem to get the other two thirds of the job done without some sort of drama. This seminar is all about managing these challenges in such a way that both the person and the business prosper. The class discusses how to intervene when you need to, what options you have for resolution, and how to get to the core challenges these employees might be facing so that you can implement a resolution.

1 Night (Virtual)

J2534 is a constantly changing arena of technology. As the need for programming in the shop bay increases, especially with mandated OE diagnostic software being provided for use with a J Device, technicians have to be more familiar with the J2534 process. This class will focus on the need for J2534 today. The current information for hardware setup, software configurations, and changing OE websites will be covered in detail. Solutions to common problems encountered during the programming process will be included.

1 Night (Virtual)

This course presents practical application of digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) techniques. Appropriate testing methods of major automotive systems including: fuel, ignition, charging/starting and engine mechanical will be presented. Each system will be approached with the following questions: What am I working on/how does it work? What questions do I need answers to for effective analysis? What DSO technique can I use to obtain those answers? What results should I expect?

2 Nights (In class)

This two-night course will train technicians to develop a diagnostic process and apply available tools to solve engine misfire issues. Understanding how the monitors work and identifying the presence and location of the misfire is key to the diagnosis. Both foundation and advanced testing techniques will also be covered. One key objective will be to create a repeatable diagnostic process using mechanical test tools, scan tool data, as well as fuel system tests related to misfire.

1 Day (In Class: CARQUEST Bolton Distribution Center))

Join our exclusive “Driven to Succeed” mastermind group for a single day and gain a window into what the potential is for your automotive repair shop. This one-day session is designed to give you a taste of the transformative power that awaits you in mastermind programs. Discover the collaborative environment where like-minded shop owners come together to share knowledge, experiences, and strategies for business growth.

What You Get:

In this condensed session, you’ll experience engaging discussions, goal setting, and coaching focused on maximizing your shop’s potential. Learn from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs who are passionate about taking their businesses to new heights. Gain invaluable insights and resources to optimize your operations, increase profitability, and achieve long-term success. Each shop will also receive a 30 minute follow-up phone call with Greg Marchand.

What You Can Expect:

Expect to be challenged, held accountable, and inspired to perform at your best. Share ideas, successes, and failures within a trusted network of fellow shop owners. Get ready to witness your shop transform into the organization of your dreams.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your shop’s success. Join our “Driven to Succeed” mastermind and embark on a journey of growth and fulfillment. Apply now!

1 Night (Virtual)

Are you ready to discover the key principles that drive exceptional customer handling and service counter selling? Join us for an action-packed, single-night class that distills the essence of our renowned Exceptional Customer Handling Skills and Service Counter Selling Skills programs. This condensed session bypasses lengthy discussions and classroom activities, delivering the core concepts straight to you. Embrace a customer-centric approach and gain invaluable insights into the Customer Buying Process, unlocking the secrets to skyrocket your sales and achieve unprecedented business success. Don’t miss out on this accelerated journey towards mastery!

1 Night (Virtual)

Time, technicians, and productivity: these three pillars hold the key to your business’s triumph. Time is not just a resource—it’s what you sell, what your technicians produce, and it’s limited. Effective time management, strategic selling, and meticulous care are essential. Technicians are the lifeblood of your production and the source of your revenue. However, without proper management, time loses its true value. Overcoming challenges such as motivation, skill sets, communication, and workmanship becomes paramount when harnessing the potential of your technicians. But it doesn’t end there—time and technicians must be symbiotically managed. This is where productivity enters the stage, linking your technicians and time together. With time being a finite resource, maximizing each technician’s productivity is crucial for your shop to reach its full earning potential.

Unveiling the secrets of this intricate balancing act is no easy feat, nor is it intuitive. That’s why we invite you to join our enlightening class, where we delve into the art of maximizing production while effectively managing customer time, technician time, and service counter time. Learn the strategies, techniques, and insights that will propel your business to new heights of profitability and efficiency. Don’t let these invaluable assets slip through your fingers. Enroll now and master the art of optimizing time, unleashing your technicians’ potential, and supercharging productivity. Success awaits!

1 Night (Virtual)

Unlocking the potential of customer relationships through your organization’s courtesy inspection program can be a game-changer for your business. Our highly engaging and interactive workshop takes the principles learned in the Service Counter Selling Skills class to the next level, specifically emphasizing the art of selling using courtesy inspection sheets. We delve into the customer buying process, sales techniques, and the paramount significance of relationship building. Brace yourself for stimulating exercises that not only refine your selling skills but also empower service advisors to elevate their expertise.

1 Night (Virtual)

In today’s competitive landscape, finding and retaining top-notch employees is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses. With low unemployment rates, dwindling interest in the automotive service industry, and enticing compensation packages offered by other sectors, it’s crucial to crack the code of employee development. Whether you’re a Service Advisor, Service Manager, or Shop Owner, understanding the secrets to unleashing your employees’ full potential, fostering long-term commitment, and creating a satisfying work environment is paramount for sustainable growth.

Join us for an eye-opening seminar that goes beyond theory, presenting real-world examples of both triumphs and failures in employee development. Gain invaluable insights on where the journey begins: with you. Discover the art of creating a culture of accountability that permeates every level of your organization. Explore the transformative power of mentoring and learn how to seamlessly integrate it into your daily operations. Acquire the skills to provide effective feedback that inspires growth and nurtures talent. Lastly, unravel the strategic role of a comprehensive training program in fostering employee development.

Don’t miss out on this transformative seminar that holds the key to unlocking the true potential of your workforce. Your path to unparalleled business success starts here!


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