Car aroma diffuser lets drivers match scents to their mood

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Philips OlfaPure 7300 is a car aroma diffuser

Lumileds, a leading lighting solutions company, has introduced a new aroma diffuser specifically designed for use in vehicles.

The Philips OlfaPure 7300 is an app controlled, car aroma diffuser that allows drivers and passengers to relax, stay alert, reduce motion sickness or simply refresh the air inside their vehicle by choosing from a broad selection of French-designed fragrances.

The innovative Philips OlfaPure 7200 scent diffuser allows drivers to make every trip more comfortable at the touch of a button. The diffuser holds up to four different scent cartridges at a time, allowing users to customize their preferred aroma to improve their driving experience and mood.

(At Indie Garage, we can see also see shops potentially using this to “freshen” the interior of customer vehicles before pickup.)

Smart scent release avoids ‘nose blindness’

The Philips OlfaPure 7300 is controlled by a smartphone app that employs an advanced spatial algorithm to control the aroma diffusion for an optimal experience. The technology varies the scent output automatically, providing a refreshing, consistent aroma.

The smart scent release avoids the ‘nose blindness’ that is common with diffusers that continually pump out a high level of scents. To ensure a consistently adaptive scent, the algorithm analyzes factors including the characteristics of the scent, how quickly it travels, and even the vehicle cabin size.

“In addition to the smart scent release, the Philips OlfaPure 7300 also uses a dry-air diffusion technology that its safer than traditional car aroma devices,” notes Jason Dreger, Lumileds Product Marketing Manager. “The OlfaPure 7300 does not use liquid oil droplets that leave residue on interior fabrics, leathers, plastics, or windows. It has also been certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) as safe to breathe.”

Broad portfolio of fragrances, made in France

Philips OlfaPure 7300 users can choose from an array of 10 different fragrances including three ‘functional’ scents and seven ‘mood’ scents. The functional scents include Odor Removal, Motion Sickness, and Anti-V (neutralizes microbes). The mood scents include Black Cherry, Jasmin, Citrus Garden, Lavender, Orchard, Solarium, and Ocean Bliss. All OlfaPure fragrances were crafted in France and are formulated with high quality ingredients.

Designed to fit in most console cup holders, the Philips OlfaPure 7300 is USB powered, and Bluetooth connected. Up to four scents can be loaded in one unit at a time, and each scent lasts approximately three months.

The smartphone app is available as a free download and allows users to select one of four scents loaded in the diffuser, vary the intensity of the scent release, set a schedule for operation, and monitor the volume of the scent remaining, alerting the driver when a cartridge needs to be replaced. The diffuser stops automatically after two hours continuous use.

“Car fresheners have become even more popular than home fresheners,” added Dreger. “We believe that the Philips OlfaPure 7300 sets a new standard in aroma diffusers thanks to its impressive built-in technology and excellent scent offerings.”

For more information, contact: or call 1-866-254-6989.


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