Canadian drivers taking 43% fewer trips during COVID-19

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New data suggests that Canadian drivers are hitting the road some 43% less during this COVID-19 pandemic, but there are some considerable differences across the country.

According to Mojio, which designs, develops and delivers connected mobility solution, this represents a larger decrease than what is occurring in United States where the number of trips taken has decreased by 38% for the same period.

  • Canadians have been responding strongly to emergency orders in every province and territory, as well as to clear social distancing guidance from the Prime Minister. In aggregate, the weekly volume of trips has dropped by 42.6% compared to the average index from February. This is a bigger decrease than we’re seeing in the U.S., where the number of trips taken decreased by 38.4% in the same period.
  • This massive change in vehicle usages is creating ripple effects across the automotive value chain, from fueling stations and maintenance and repair shops, to insurance carriers and even auto manufacturers.

All provinces have declared a state of emergency so all parts of Canada are under some level of restriction both Federal and provincial/territorial.

Regionally, this is how it shakes out: 

  • Alberta has seen a 37. 6% decrease in trips taken. Alberta declared a public health emergency on March 17 and there are restrictions in place on mass gatherings are more than 15 people, etc.
  • For British Columbia, the number is 34.6% decrease in trips taken.
  • Manitoba numbers are pegged 36.9% decrease.
  • New Brunswick has a 41% decrease in trips taken.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador have seen a 48.5% decrease in trips taken.
  • Nova Scotia is at 41.3%.
  • Ontario has seen a 47.1% decrease in trips taken.
  • Prince Edward Island has seen a drop of 48.4%.
  • Saskatchewan at 34.5%.
  • The highest on the list is Quebec were that number of trips taken has decreased by 55.3%.
  • The Yukon, which was last of the provinces and territories to issue an emergency declaration, saw the most significant week over week change, with trips decreasing by 14.7%. 



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