Bumper to Bumper adds Brembo premium, EV coverage

by | Jul 3, 2023 | 0 comments

Uni-Select, Inc. and Bumper to Bumper have announced a distribution partnership with braking systems designer, developer and producer Brembo, a preferred supplier of original equipment for leading vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

This partnership enhances Uni-Select’s portfolio to include braking solutions from Brembo for premium European, Asian, domestic internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles.

“Two recognized leaders in automotive aftermarket solutions, Brembo and Uni-Select Bumper to Bumper, are joining forces to bring Brembo Aftermarket Braking solutions to the Canadian market,” says Greg Tackett, Brembo North America aftermarket director.

“Brembo Aftermarket is honoured to help Uni-Select expand their product range while delivering superior braking solutions to more than 1,000 distribution stores and more than 4,000 affiliated commercial shops. Brembo’s premium aftermarket braking systems offer the most efficient stopping solution for high performance vehicles and the everyday commuter alike throughout Canada.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Brembo as the newest addition to Uni-Select’s product portfolio. Brembo’s stake as a global leader in braking technology will allow Uni-Select’s network of stores and customers access to enhanced service offerings for repair shops and garages across Canada,” says Sean Williams, Vice President Merchandising, Uni-Select’s Canadian Automotive Group.

“Uni-Select’s braking selection for premium, European, and electric vehicles continues to expand to meet the growing needs of Canadian drivers, with Brembo’s launch on Bumper to Bumper shelves across Canada as another key milestone.”

Through this partnership, Bumper to Bumper and Brembo aim to offer a full-fledged portfolio with state-of-the-art design and technology, to automotive professionals and retail customers across Canada.

Beginning July 1, Bumper to Bumper will distribute over 1,200 units of Brembo’s braking solutions including: Brembo Prime, the premium line of UV coated brake discs as well as low-met and NAO ceramic brake pads; Brembo Xtra, special drilled rotors which combine enhanced performance and appealing aesthetics; and Brembo Beyond, a complete braking kit designed for electric vehicles.

Leveraging Brembo’s 60-year pursuit of excellence and Bumper to Bumper’s nationwide network of stores and workshops, Uni-Select commits to diversify its offering of automotive solutions and technologies to its network of passionate experts recognized across Canada.


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