Bridging the Gap: NOVUS Glass Canada Pioneers Solutions for Automotive Industry Challenges

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NOVUS Glass shines as a trailblazer in innovation, guiding the path with proactive solutions for automotive glass repair and replacement. As a proud member of the Fix Network, renowned for its automotive aftermarket services, they not only address industry challenges but also spearhead the development of comprehensive solutions that benefit businesses and skilled workers alike.

One of the most pressing issues facing the automotive aftermarket industry today is the scarcity of young talent, particularly in niche sectors like automotive glass repair and replacement. NOVUS Glass sets itself apart for its forward-thinking approach to tackling this industry-wide concern. While other trades such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing attract a significant portion of new entrants, there’s a notable undersupply of incoming glass technicians. Recognizing this gap, NOVUS Glass Canada has pioneered an industry-leading certification program tailored specifically for automotive glass technicians.

Leading the charge in establishing the benchmark for exceptionality in automotive glass services, NOVUS Glass’ commitment is evident in its efforts to bridge the certification gap, particularly in provinces like British Columbia, where certification for glass technicians is mandated. Through its expansive network and industry-leading training programs, NOVUS Glass Canada empowers technicians and automotive shops to meet the growing demand for high-quality glass services, ensuring that both businesses and customers benefit from their expertise and dedication.

NOVUS Glass Canada’s groundbreaking certification program, which their team continues to develop and expand to ensure relevance and effectiveness, extends far beyond traditional repair and replacement techniques; it provides a comprehensive pathway to excellence. This program includes an internal calibration training, a critical component given rapid advancements in vehicle technology. Through structured skills development and accreditation, NOVUS Glass Canada endeavours to attract skilled workers from diverse backgrounds within the trades workforce. Unlike other sectors that often require formal college education and certification, the automotive glass industry offers a more accessible route for individuals with technical aptitude.

In its quest to cultivate the next generation of automotive technicians, NOVUS Glass Canada goes beyond the confines of its operational sphere. Recognizing the pivotal role of engagement and outreach, NOVUS Glass Canada actively participates in trades events and collaborates with colleges across the nation. By connecting directly with these budding professionals at these forums, NOVUS Glass not only showcases the diverse and rewarding opportunities within the automotive glass repair industry, but also fosters a sense of community and mentorship. Through workshops and interactive sessions, NOVUS Glass Canada provides invaluable insights and hands-on experiences, igniting the spark of interest in young minds and nurturing their potential. By fostering these nascent talents, NOVUS Glass Canada makes a career in automotive glass repair and replacement accessible and rewarding, ensuring a robust pipeline of skilled professionals poised to shape the future of automotive repair and replacement.

Furthermore, NOVUS Glass’ dedication to research and development ensures that skilled trades workers are not merely repairing windshields; they are a pivotal member of the future of automotive glass repair. With their team of chemists pioneering world-renowned resins, resulting in more patents for windshield repair than any other company in the industry, NOVUS Glass fosters an environment where ingenuity flourishes and ideas become reality.

Never one to rest on its laurels, NOVUS Glass doesn’t stop there. This is evident in its unwavering dedication to pioneering innovation and adaptability, exemplified by the launch of its mechanical segmentation strategy. Anticipating the evolving vehicle landscape, particularly with the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) and therefore a decrease in traditional maintenance tasks such as oil changes, transmission repairs, and exhaust system maintenance, NOVUS Glass Canada has pivoted its business approach to cater to independent mechanical shops looking to broaden their services. Through specialized training and innovative solutions, NOVUS Glass Canada not only enhances its service repertoire but also presents mechanical shop owners with a valuable opportunity to access skilled trades talent.

Zakari Krieger, vice-president of Prime CarCare, states, “In the recent launch of NOVUS Glass Ancaster at Glendale Motors, we encountered the perfect example of a vigorous business wanting to tap into its existing employees who were not licensed mechanical technicians or trained auto glass technicians, but looking to grow their skill sets within the shop environment.

“The NOVUS Repair and Replacement training and certification provided the employees an avenue to develop new automotive skills that supported their career development within the skilled trades, considering auto glass a skilled trade in itself.

“This is a prime illustration for mechanical business owners looking for different avenues to grow their business revenue and develop their workforce outside of the traditional channels, avoiding the skilled trades shortage for mechanical apprentices and technicians.”

Glendale Motors’ NOVUS Glass Ancaster team embraced the opportunity, proudly displaying their Windshield Repair Technician certificates at the Fix Training Center in Milton, Ontario.

NOVUS Glass Canada’s mechanical segmentation strategy’s success underscores the immense value it offers to automotive businesses. By capitalizing on its expertise, NOVUS Glass Canada isn’t merely addressing an industry gap; it’s forging ahead to define its trajectory.

Through Fix Network’s top-tier and extensive training initiatives, NOVUS Glass Canada empowers technicians to meet the rising call for top-notch auto glass services. Whether you’re a seasoned pro seeking skill advancement or a newcomer eyeing a rewarding career, NOVUS Glass Canada provides the guidance and tools essential for success in the automotive repair sector.

NOVUS Glass Canada’s proactive approach to addressing industry challenges and pioneering solutions sets a benchmark for excellence in today’s kinetic automotive aftermarket vista. Through its commitment to training, certification, and innovative business strategies, NOVUS Glass Canada is not only driving growth within its network but also elevating standards across the industry. By actively engaging with and nurturing the next generation of automotive technicians, NOVUS Glass Canada ensures a continuous flow of skilled professionals ready to meet the evolving demands of the automotive repair sector.

With NOVUS Glass Canada leading the way, the future of automotive glass repair and replacement looks brighter than ever, promising innovation, opportunity, and excellence for generations to come.



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