Bosch Car Service and Broadly connecting with customers

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Bosch and Broadly have entered into a strategic go-to-market collaboration in the U.S., uniting Bosch Car Service, one of the world’s largest independent chain of auto shops backed by the resources, capabilities and expertise of the Bosch team, with Broadly’s reputation management and customer communications tools. 

Indie Garage reached out to Broadly and was advised that while this collaboration was a U.S.-only affair, it does have some customers in Canada and does support Canada.

Furthermore, it does provide an example of the type of technology available to auto service operations to help them connect with customers and build their business.

Bosch and Broadly are a combination, bringing together two service providers committed to delivering quality service to independent auto shop owners and their customers.

Through this collaboration, Bosch Car Service shops will now have access to the Broadly platform — which integrates with current shop management tools and infrastructure — along with training programs to help them grow and up level their businesses.

Broadly is already helping thousands of independent shop owners across the United States grow successful businesses through a variety of high impact features — including Web Chat, Text Messaging, Automated Review Requests, and Contactless Payments — all aimed at increasing revenue and efficiency while delivering meaningful customer experiences.

“Bosch is committed to helping our shops pair personal customer service with a high-tech customer experience,” said Jean-Philippe “JP” Persico, director of strategy, innovation and workshop business at Bosch.

“We started this journey with the introduction of Shop-Ware as the preferred management system and are now deepening our focus of a customer first mindset with our go-to-market collaboration with Broadly, that will further enrich the auto repair experience for our customers.”

“Consumers now are more tech-driven than ever and are looking for frictionless experiences throughout all aspects of their lives,” said Chris DeIanni, Head of Business Development at Broadly. “We want to make getting your vehicle repaired as simple and reliable as shopping online or ordering delivery.”

“Since working with Bosch, we’ve seen customer growth and an increase in customer quality. As we have up leveled our business, we’ve spent several years trying to increase our online presence, with limited results.” said Jay Levan, General Manager at Yokley’s Automotive, a Bosch Car Service shop since March 2020.

“Since we launched Broadly, and integrated the platform with our shop management system, even during COVID-19, we increased our new customer count by 37 percent compared to last year — it really blew us away.”



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