BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY integrates wth Protractor

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Through its collaboration with Protractor, BOLT ON can now easily integrate its Cloud-based NextGear product with one of the workhorses of the automotive aftermarket.

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY brings its Digital Vehicle Inspections and other revenue-generating features to one of the most popular shop management software platforms, so repair shop owners can access powerful text messaging, appointment scheduling, workflow and reporting capabilities that can help keep repairs bays full and build customer loyalty.

Shop managers who love their Protractor software can easily take advantage of NextGear with no long-term contract, no additional hardware, and no steep learning curve.

NextGear capabilities available within the Protractor platform include:

  • Customizable and Unlimited DVIs – Expand your digital vehicle inspection capabilities with no limits, giving customers vehicle condition photographs and videos and BOLT ON’s signature red/yellow/green-light vehicle health reports.
  • Two-way text messaging with customers – Provide status updates and request approvals via text message; send detailed DVIs for fast scanning and easy comprehension; include videos and photos in the messages so your customers can see exactly what the techs are recommending and why.
  • Advance appointment scheduling – Schedule return appointments and other routine maintenance in advance; track mileage, past appointment history, and oil type to create an accurate prediction of when the vehicle will be due for service again; and increase future business and confirmed appointments.
  • Workflow Manager – View and track the status of any vehicle in the shop; integrate the appointment calendar for easy scheduling; assign work to technicians and track their time; and customize Workflow Manager for an at-a-glance assessment of the day’s jobs.
  • Mobile Payment and Financing Options – Pull customer and work order information from Protractor and text invoices directly to customers, allowing them to pay for services quickly and easily from their smart phone using Text to Pay technology. You can also offer customers primary and secondary financing options to help them afford repairs they may not have otherwise.
  • Customer and business reporting – Streamline day-to-day tasks with custom reports that provide a thorough look at critical business and financial data; create personalized, easy-to-read invoices; include recommendations for next visits along with coupons to encourage repeat business; and easily modify and create inspections with a drag-and-drop interface.

“Protractor and BOLT ON share the goal of helping shops grow and succeed with cutting edge technology,” said Mike Risich, founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY.

“Shops using this leading management system can enjoy everything NextGear offers trouble-free, improving the customer relationship, resulting in more sales, higher AROs and steady traffic in the repair bay. And BOLT ON shops can now seamlessly take advantage of one of the top programs in the industry.”

Data shows that Digital Vehicle Inspections can increase AROs by nearly 40 percent when vehicle owners can see and more fully understand the nature of the repair. 

DVIs enable shops to photograph a vehicle’s condition, track the repair process, build robust customer profiles and communicate inspection summaries and images via text message. The repair shop can, for example, send the customer a picture in real time of worn brake pads, threadbare tire treads, or a cracked timing belt, along with a picture of what that part is supposed to look like and a complete vehicle health report with technician’s notes. Aside from increased AROs, customers appreciate the transparency DVIs provide.

To date, BOLT ON shops have sent over 60 million repair photos to customers’ cell phones.

NextGear is available for a monthly fee of $199. There’s no annual subscription or long-term commitment, so shops can simply pay month-to-month.

About Protractor

Protractor Software Inc. brings leading-edge technology to automotive aftermarket repair shops and tire stores. Its Cloud-based software focuses on making the most of the customer relationship, helping build loyalty and repeat business for shops. Founded in 2003, Protractor now services thousands of businesses across North America, helping growing organizations streamline the meeting of in-house objectives.

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BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY equips the automotive aftermarket with award-winning technology tools to improve customer communication. The company’s digital vehicle inspection technology instantly transmits photos, videos and text messages to more effectively communicate automotive repair details, thereby increasing consumer trust, boosting sales and empowering shops to build long-term customer relationships. Along with ongoing training and support, BOLT ON’s integrated mobile, digital and cloud-based tools also reduce problems inherent in the service process, while increasing shop productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Over the years, BOLT ON has worked with nearly 10,000 independent repair shops, who have used the platform to send more than 56 million repair photos to vehicle owners.

For more information, visit the BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY website or call 610-890-3240.


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