Behind Groupe Touchette’s exclusive IceContact XTRM

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(EXCLUSIVE REPORT) Earlier this month, the tire market in Canada saw a rare introduction, perhaps even a first. The introduction of the Continental IceContact XTRM designed for Groupe Touchette brings the exclusivity approach to a whole new level

David Giguère, Vice-president Marketing & Merchandizing at Groupe Touchette says it’s a ground-breaking devolpment, a first for Continental to create a special tire in this way.

“Furthermore, it is very rare that a major tire manufacturer – of a top-tier product especially – agrees to create an exclusive product for an entire country for a distributor.”

David Giguère, Vice-president Marketing & Merchandizing at Groupe Touchette
David Giguère, Vice-president Marketing & Merchandizing at Groupe Touchette

The resulting IceContact XTRM Available exclusively through Groupe Touchette, employs a new tread design and a unique stud technology for exceptional grip on ice and greatlyimproved handling on snowy roads. The tread noise level is also reduced for more enjoyable and comfortable ride.

“The IceContact XTRM will significantly contribute to Groupe Touchette’s positioning as a leader in the winter products category in Canada,” said Frédéric Bouthillier, Chief Operating Officer.

“This collaboration with Continental has enabled us to actively participate in the design of this exclusive tire. By joining forces with German engineering that pushes the limits of winter tire technology, we can offer a product designed for Canada that makes no compromises on quality and brings distinctive value to the consumer.”

Giguère says the new tire is a signal about the organization’s priorities.

“The Groupe Touchette growth plan and positioning is about creating strong value in the market for its clients. With the proliferation of brands and products since the last 10 to 15 years, it is important to bring about a product that is not only of premium quality, attracting premium customers, but allows our clients to be unique and relevant for their own customers.”

He says too that the process was not a rebranding of an existing tire, but the development of a new tire.

Continental IceContact XTRM
The Continental IceContact XTRM is available with or without studs.

“It is a well oiled but demanding process,” says Giguère. “From the moment we envision what is required in the market, through to the actual prototypes, there are many steps (design, specific attributes, performance criteria, engineering, legal, etc.) and criteria to respect and follow. But with a partner such as Continental, committed to the project all the way through, we were able to reach and even exceed our goals and expectations, as far as product design and performance! We are very proud of the result and we know that Canadians will adopt the IceContact XTRM.”

The IceContact XTRM is offered with or without studs, is winter certified (3PMS) and its direction profile structure is designed for our winter conditions. Predominant main lateral grooves allow for better traction in the snow and enhance slush evacuation.

The IceContact XTRM , with its highly structured design that counts nine side elements, provides better grip on ice and snow thanks to the many grooves.

The IceContact XTRM will be available in 46 different sizes for rims from 15 to 22 inches for winter 2020; 45 additional sizes will be available in 2021.

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