Automotive Retailers Foundation offering three automotive scholarships

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As a result of the disruptions of the industry and economy, the Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. (ARFI) will only be awarding three scholarships totalling $9,000 this year. Previously, the B.C. based organization awarded $28,000 in scholarships.

This year, awards will be for:

The deadline for applications has been extended to July 31.

With industry facing labour shortages even prior to COVID-19, this is an opportunity to encourage young people, or professionals looking for a change, to consider going into the automotive industry. As the province slowly reopens, collision, glass, and mechanical repair shops, auto recyclers, towing services, and licensed motor and powersports dealers are rebounding back as people work their way towards a new normal.

Automotive continues to be an ever-evolving industry that will continue to produce jobs. While the economy may fluctuate, one thing remains: people need to get around and for that they need vehicles. Having proven itself essential in a time of crisis, the automotive industry is a secure career option for those who like to work with their hands, figure things out, and help others.

As technology evolves, so do the careers available in the automotive industry. No longer considered a “dirty” job, young professionals entering the world of automotive find exciting new challenges that apply to those who are not only mechanically-minded but also technologically and customer-oriented.

The automotive industry has a careers in:

  • Technician
  • Motorcycle technician
  • Office manager
  • Tow truck operator
  • Dispatcher
  • Customer service
  • Representative
  • Parts manager
  • Automotive dismantler
  • Automotive salesperson
  • Automotive painter
  • Collision technician
  • Estimator
  • Office administration

Visit to apply.

The extended deadline is July 31.


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