Automotive coolant expansion tanks for European makes

by | Nov 29, 2018 | 0 comments

CRP Automotive offers Rein Automotive coolant expansion tanks for a wide variety of European applications. Rein Automotive Coolant Expansion Tanks are designed to deliver reliable performance through thousands of heat cycles.

They feature 100% virgin plastic with no regrind. The use of a better and stronger plastic in the tanks prevents cracking and premature leaking.  This results in an extended service life and improved protection against engine overheating

In instances where a vehicle has overheated, the expansion tank, expansion tank cap, and coolant level sensor should all be replaced to ensure safe operation. For this reason, CRP Automotive offers coolant expansion tank kits for specific applications, which include the tank, coolant level sensor (if applicable), and coolant expansion tank cap.

CRP’s online application catalog that can be accessed through the CRP Automotive or Rein Automotive brand websites,, or Show Me the Parts,


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