ATEQ TPMS releases SYNC-ID, simplifies relearn

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ATEQ has announced its newest innovation in TPMS system relearn technology.

ATEQ’s patented technology called “Sync-ID”, will standardize the way TPMS sensor information is transmitted to the vehicle’s ECU, using a unique, OE-compliant OBD relearn procedure for all equipped light vehicles.

A TPMS relearn procedure is a set of instructions that must be followed to activate and confirm the TPMS communication from the TPMS sensor to a vehicle’s ECU.TPMS reprogrammer

All vehicles equipped with TPMS sensors must perform a relearn procedure after a service has been performed to the TPMS system. For example: a relearn must be performed during a sensor replacement. Relearn procedures for direct-TPMS systems include auto-relearn, stationary (sometimes called manual) and OBD. The steps are determined by the auto manufacturer and vary from vehicle to vehicle.

With ATEQ’s new “Sync-ID” technology, technicians only need to learn how to perform one unique OBD relearn procedure for all vehicles with direct-TPMS systems, rather than hundreds of different procedures. Technicians will love this new feature, now they can skip the long and complicated stationary (manual) relearn procedure steps, and in just a few steps, use the OBD relearn procedure to reset the TPMS system in less than 2 minutes with a non-intrusive technology, using OE-compliant standards.

“With the new ‘Sync-ID’ technology developing fast, soon over 90% of the cars serviced in automotive workshops can be relearned via OBDII with OE-compliant standards,” stated Bruno Rousseau, ATEQ TPMS Global Director. “Our new patent makes our TPMS tools the most advanced in the world as well as the most valuable. Instead of making customers purchase new tools every few years, we are committed to improving the software of existing tools, to make sure customers are satisfied with what they’ve invested in. We are excited to give our customers the best coverage to make their jobs easier and faster for years to come.”

Sync-ID, which is available on the ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool since March 2018, now includes OBD procedures for brands such as BMW, Jeep, Ford, Fiat, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo and many more.

Current and new VT56 tool user can easily get access to the new Sync-ID and hundreds of new OBD procedures, simply by updating the tool’s software. Only a valid tool license is required.


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