AIA Canada joins the global Right to Repair movement

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Automotive aftermarket releases Right to Repair best practice guidelines for legislators

The group is calling for legislation to achieve fair and open competition and consumer choice in the vehicle service and repair industry.

A new Global Vehicle Right to Repair Position Statement lists the core beliefs of the movement and the objectives and intended outcomes of right to repair legislation. Importantly, the document outlines 10 best practice principles for developing a framework for right to repair legislation that any supporting country can use and adapt to their needs.

Globally, the automotive aftermarket keeps 1.5 billion vehicles on the road while contributing $1.8 trillion to the global economy. After vehicles exit their warranty period, independent repair shops perform 70% of repairs. Increasingly, automakers are making it more difficult for aftermarket repairers to access vital vehicle diagnostic and repair data – which leaves the customer with limited choices and increased costs to maintain their vehicles.

Without the convenience and choice of independent parts and repair, especially in urban, suburban and rural communities, consumers will have limited access to affordable vehicle service and repair. These restrictions can have catastrophic effects on local economies and the well-being and safety of millions that rely on vehicle transportation daily.  

In Canada, the auto care industry is worth $37.8 billion and employs over 480,000 individuals nationally. Our country’s 24,034 auto care industry enterprises keep Canada’s fleet of almost 26.6 million vehicles on the road.

“AIA Canada remains committed to working with government to ensure the safety of Canadians through continued access to essential, reliable and affordable vehicle service and repair,” says Alana Baker, AIA Canada Senior Director of Government Relations. 

Both Australia and South Africa have successfully retained their drivers’ right to repair their vehicles. These countries are a model for similar legislation in Canada that levels the playing field and keeps the consumer at the heart of decision-making across the transportation ecosystem.

Read the full position statement here. 

Organizations interested in supporting the right to repair vehicles of all classes can contact Alana Baker at to join the global movement.

About the Automotive Industries Association of Canada

AIA Canada represents, supporst and leads innovation in Canada’s $37.8 billion auto care sector. With more than 4,000 members across the country, AIA Canada’s vision, research, training programs and advocacy supports Canada’s collision and mechanical sectors. Its best practices for the auto care industry help members keep Canada’s fleet of almost 26.6 million vehicles on the road.

Whether you’ve been in a collision or require maintenance, AIA Canada members help vehicles last longer, pollute less and keep drivers safer by offering Canadians any product or service a vehicle may need after it rolls off the dealership’s lot.


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