AB Magic adds SMS capability

by | Sep 28, 2021 | 0 comments

VL Communications has announced that users of AB Magic software will be able to send appointment confirmations through automated SMS.

The workshop administrator will no longer have to call his clients to confirm appointments, but simply click on the drop-down menu of AB Magic software and choose the “Send appointment via Text message” function.

One click, and a personalized text message is sent contains all the necessary information for the customer: the date and time of the appointment, the concerned vehicle and the reason why.

It also offers the customer the possibility of responding as needed by SMS or by calling the workshop.

On the appointment grid, the color of the appointment turns green, which confirms that the appointment has been sent to the client. Simple and efficient!

Available in software version 2021.017 for download at WWW.VLCOM.COM or by calling 1-800-268-4044.


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