AARO ‘Fleet Day’ focused on EV future

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The Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario is hosting “Fleet Day” opportunity for automotive service and repair shops and their fleet customers to start planning for an EV future.

Attendees will hear experts discuss how businesses will need to adapt and the skillsets and solutions needed to meet these emerging technologies.

The even runs is June 16 from 8 a.m to 5 p.m, at Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel , 901 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON

Presentations include:

Productivity Accelerated
This presentation will introduce you to Ford Pro, a global vehicle services and distribution business and brand that will increase uptime and reduce ownership costs, leading to higher productivity and performance.

Avoiding Mistakes in the Transition to Fleet Electrification
Planning on changing your fleet to EVs? Cara Clairman, President and CEO of PLUG’N DRIVE will update you on the benefits of EVs.

Determining the Path Forward
For shops servicing the EV market or for those companies that are moving to EVs for their fleets, working with a knowledgeable partner will be key to ensuring your business stays focused on the need and the goals of transitioning to the EV market. Xavier Gordon, President of Xergy Energy will share his experience and guide you through this exciting technology transition.

Getting Started With EV Charging
George Balla from Flo and Daryl Witiuk from Northwinds Electrical Supply will explore the different types of charging levels, hardware and infrastructure needed for your business

Diesel Aftertreatment Systems: Maintenance for Peak Performance
With all of the talk on electrification of fleets, the other side of the argument is that diesel engines will not be going anywhere soon! Mark Henry and Clayton Allan from The DPF Company will explain the process of Ultrasonic DPF cleaning.

Why You Need Aftermarket Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
EV and hybrid suspensions are challenged with the same road conditions as any other vehicle, including potholes, dirt and debris, water contamination and driving behaviour. But they’re also subjected to their own unique challenges, Join Mevotech’s Technical Training Manager, Victor Moreira, to learn how aftermarket parts can address the added forces and wear on these bottom-heavy vehicles.




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