AARO building awareness for “Repair it Right 2020”

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Calling the Canadian Automotive Service Information Standard (CASIS), a good first step but outdated, John Cochrane, shop owner and board member of the Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario (AARO)  introduced the “Repair it Right 2020” program to shops.

CASIS is the voluntary agreement which currently allows the automotive aftermarket in Canada to access the auto makers service information websites,

The AARO led Repair it Right 2020 program is built on a relationship initiated between AARO and the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) but now including other industry associations in Canada as well as parts suppliers.

At the recent event to introduce the program, Cochrane, a long-time advocate for increased access to repair information for the automotive aftermarket, outlined the relationship that has been developed between the NASTF, The U.S.-based organization that provides access and support for the automotive aftermarket to those automaker original equipment service websites.

In his presentation, Cochrane offered that while the CASIS agreement that was forged in 2009 was a good first step, it lacked much of the robust support mechanism that NASTF has and that it has failed to keep pace with the needs of the automotive service provider.

The Service Information Request is a key piece of the support mechanism and provides support for shops when they run into roadblocks.

Cochrane provided a number of examples from his own Toronto shop experience whereby Service Information Requests directed through NASTF provided prompt and accurate responses that allowed them to complete repairs in an effective and efficient manner.

For Canadian shops, Service Information Requests handled by NASTF would go through AARO, and then be directed to a task force member.

“This is what we have with NASTF. This is unique you people have this available to you. If you fill out that SIR that is on the AARO website it will find its way to a member of NASTF,” said Cochrane.

“Nobody else has this. Let’s make it work. “

Visit aaro.ca for more information.

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  1. Bob Paff

    This is important for our industry to move forward. I have featured it on ASBN so we, in the west, can get involved.
    Keep up the good work.


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