AAPEX Service Advisor Pick Builds Relationships

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Jason Sexton, Dynamic Automotive, Frederick, Md., was recognized as the AAPEX 2020 Service Advisor of the Year for his love of knowledge and being a true advisor who builds unbelievable relationships with customers.

According to the team at Dynamic Automotive, Sexton is a teacher at heart and his belief in building and nurturing relationships is core to his work. He also has excellent sales skills, largely attributed to his thirst for knowledge and commitment to industry training.

Sexton has worked for Dynamic Automotive for 10 years. He started his career 13 years ago working as a bottom technician in a lube shop, draining the oil and inspecting driveline fluids and undercarriage components.

He quickly moved his way up and became an underhood technician, which was the first time he started selling services to customers. He quickly found out that he needed help to improve his selling skills and turned to fellow co-workers.

He also learned to pay close attention to the little details about customers in order to try and connect with them. Sexton learned his best lesson when he realized that customers don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Sexton says that everything he has learned over the years has made him both a better advisor and a better human being.

He loves to sit down with customers and take the time to make sure they are well educated about what’s going on with their vehicle and the industry as a whole. He covers new technology and what customers can do to prolong the life of their vehicles.

He says this is the best way to connect with customers as it shows them transparency, something he feels is much needed in this industry.

The first annual AAPEX 2020 Service Advisor of the Year award was presented during the Virtual AAPEX Experience in early November. The new award recognizes and elevates the essential services that service advisors provide to keep the motoring public on the road, even during times of crisis.

The Virtual AAPEX Experience served as the hub of training, insights and connections for the more than $1 trillion global automotive aftermarket industry. It featured instructor- and exhibitor-led training, product and equipment demos from industry suppliers, the New Product Showcase, and opportunities to connect one-on-one with exhibitors to talk products and conduct business

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