AAPEX Seminar: Engaging local students to fill-entry level roles

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Donna Wagner, assistant vice president of the ASE Education Foundation, will host a training seminar on Oct. 31 at the Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX), entitled “Fill Your Pipeline of Entry-Level Employees by Engaging Local Students.”

The seminar will take place from noon-1:30 p.m. at The Venetian Expo, rooms 401-407.

Donna Wagner aapex
Donna Wagner

“The ASE Education Foundation is the industry leader in providing solutions to filling entry level positions for automotive service professionals and our training seminar at AAPEX will help auto parts stores, distributors and manufacturers find entry-level employees with a knowledge and a passion for the automotive industry,” said Wagner.

“One of the solutions for this shortage may be found at the local high school or college in their respective communities. In the seminar, we will show attendees how to engage with local schools to find not just entry-level technicians, but students interested in a career in the automotive industry.”

In her blog for the AAPEX show, Wagner discusses the importance of networking and how her seminar at AAPEX will help companies and organizations to use their connections to grow their own employees utilizing local automotive training programs.

Some of the learning objectives of the seminar will be how to engage with local technical programs to find the next best employee, how to overcome challenges of hiring younger workers and obtaining the resources to help businesses engage with local schools

Wagner, who will assume a new role as vice president of industry and media relations for ASE in January, currently oversees the field manager network and represents the ASE Education Foundation in school, corporate and government relations.

Wagner brings an extensive 30-plus year aftermarket background in education and parts supplier representation, and in her new role, will be responsible for both new and existing company relationships along with representing ASE to consumer, corporate, government and technician audiences.

To learn more about supporting the ASE Education Foundation and its mission of providing solutions to the technician shortage and improving the quality of automobile, collision repair/refinish and medium/heavy truck training programs, visit www.ASEeducationFoundation.com.

About the ASE Education Foundation

The ASE Education Foundation provides proven solutions to the technician shortage, working with over 2,300 automotive technology training programs and over 100,000 students nationally to provide the transportation industry a skilled entry level workforce through standards and credentials for institutions and individuals. The Foundation also offers career development and workplace exposure by creating relationships and partnerships with employers. 

For more information, visit www.ASEeducationFoundation.org.


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